Altogether leading the way for a better future

Altogether leading the way for a better future

Dear clients,

While we are going through unprecedented and transformational times, we are all seeking a balance between what needs to be done to minimize social health risks and maintain some form of normality.

We are sure you are all looking forward to fully reopening your businesses. At Ronor we feel confident that Canadians are doing the right thing to ensure a better future for all of us and our loved ones and we are proud to be part of it. In the meantime, we need to keep our spirits up and prepare the comeback.

Our staff has kept things running while respecting all health guidelines and recommendations, and is here for you, to address your needs prior to reopening.

We have also used this downtime to seek new products, including one in particular – Nu-Hydra Foam hand soap – that will certainly be useful for your practice.

Washing hands frequently is critical and has become the new norm in terms of hygiene and public health. It is however important for hands to stay moisturized. This is why Ronor introduced Nu-Hydra Foam Hand Soap, a product specifically designed for frequent hand washing.

Nu-Hydra Foam Hand Soap cleans thoroughly, while keeping hands moisturized and ensuring protection of the microbiome, an essential protective barrier against pathogens.

This product is made for professional use. You can find all the details below.

May you and your loved ones stay safe,

The Ronor team


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