How to sanitize your eyewear - DESTROY COVID-19 CAPABILITIES, NOT YOUR FRAMES

How to sanitize your eyewear - DESTROY COVID-19 CAPABILITIES, NOT YOUR FRAMES

NOTICE: Bi-Oh! is not a disinfectant nor does it claim to be. Ronor claims and has proof on record that Bi-Oh! has the following ingredients: Water, non ionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, salts, enzymes (triacylglycerol hydrolase), preservative. Ronor claims and has proof on record that surfactants and enzymes are degreasers. Ronor claims and has on record the scientific opinion that the COVID-19 membrane is lipidic (grease). Ronor claims and has on record the scientific opinion that if the COVID-19 membrane is destroyed the virus loses its capacity to infect.

How to sanitize your eyewear


FACT: The COVID-19 has a lipid (grease) membrane. This means that cleaning products containing surfactants will be effective in destroying the greasy membrane and capabilities of the virus, hence the recommendation of the Vision Council to wash eyewear with soap and water. However this will require rinsing.


Developed and manufactured in Canada by microbiologists, Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner is a unique enzymatic formula specifically designed for lenses and frames. It totally dissolves grease through hydrolysis even in hard to reach places and of course no rinse is necessary. Thoroughly cleaning eyewear with Bi-Oh! will destroy the COVID19 greasy membrane of the virus thus completely annihilating its capabilities.


Bi-Oh! is hypoallergenic and pH neutral. It contains no harsh chemicals. Its enzymatic power destroys the lipid membrane and capabilities of the virus but yet the Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner is totally safe for your health and the materials that compose your eyewear.



Most of the eyewear manufacturers and the Vision Council recommend the use of soap and water to sanitize eyewear. The recommendation stems from the fact that the COVID-19 has a lipid membrane (grease) and is easily destroyed when in contact with degreasing surfactant agents that are present in all cleaners including soap. Furthermore, soap will not damage frames.

The Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner was designed specifically for lenses and frames and like soap it is a degreasing cleaning agent that contains no harsh chemicals susceptible to damage frames or lens treatments.

The added value of Bi-Oh! is that on top of being a degreasing agent it has a high enzymatic activity that dissolves grease on contact. It is an extra attack on the COVID-19 lipid (grease) membrane that once destroyed annihilates the capabilities of the virus. You can actually witness this activity in the video below. Unlike soap and water Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner has the practical advantage of requiring no rinsing.




Note: No matter what the product, the success of all sanitizing activity is dependant on thorough cleaning and sound hygiene practices from the person performing the sanitization duties. This is why zero risk does not exist.

1. Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before starting. Do not touch your face with your hands.

2. Wear a mask and a visor shield.

3. Make sure no one approaches your work area (social distancing guideline).

4. If you need to cough or sneeze, step away from the work station (5 meters or more) and cough or sneeze in your elbow.

5. Spray Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner liberally on all surfaces of the eyewear. Leave product on for 20 seconds just like when you wash your hands. You can spray other eyewear during this time.

6. After 20 seconds, use a microfibre to wipe eyewear thoroughly. Although there is no risk of cross contamination on the microfibre, since the virus has been destroyed it is nonetheless a good sanitary practice to fold the microfibre and use different sides to wipe. Change microfibres regularly as they will tend to get greasy after frequent use. Wash microfibres with regular laundry detergent and do not use fabric softener.

7. Once a frame has been manipulated by a client this frame should not be put back on the display, but there should be a designated place for frames that need to be sanitized.

- Acid based chemical cleaners
- Solutions and wipes with high alcohol content.



Q-Does Bi-Oh! kill COVID-19?

A- COVID-19 is a virus not a bacteria. It is not a living organism therefore kill is not the appropriate word. Destroy is the word we use. Once Bi-Oh! is in contact with the virus it will destroy the greasy membrane of the virus and its capabilities. The end result is the same. If the membrane is destroyed, there is no more threat of infection.

Q- Is there proof that Bi-Oh! will destroy COVID-19?

A- There is proof that the COVID-19 membrane is lipid (grease). A quick search will lead you to multiple scientific articles that confirm this.

There is proof that surfactants in all cleaning products degrease.

There is proof that Bi-Oh! has surfactants as well as potent enzymatic activity (see list of ingredients in the notice at the top of the page).

There is proof that dissolving grease by enzymatic activity through hydrolysis works. (See the video)

Given the above facts, it has not been considered relevant by the scientific community to validate facts already known and proven by conducting complex tests under an atomic microscope. The fact that science indicates that the membrane is fragile and composed of lipids, leads to the recommendation that a regular soap sanitizes eyewear if the sanitation process is respected.

Q- Is there a risk of cross contamination on the microfibre?

A- The short answer is NO, if the sanitization procedure has been done correctly and Bi-Oh! has come in contact with the virus. As stated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), to sanitize means getting rid of germs and pathogens to a safe level. Obviously, if the person doing the sanitization is infected and coughs in the microfibre.. well, we might have a problem. (Learn more)

Q- How often should we change microfibres?

A- This is a judgment call. Although the microfibre is not contaminated it will pick up grease and eventually smear a little.

Q- Can I use Bi-Oh! to clean other things?

A- Bi-Oh! is a specialty product designed specifically as an optical cleaner.

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