No more fog in your glasses… with our anti-fog solution.

No more fog in your glasses… with our anti-fog solution.


The requirement to wear masks confronts us with new life habits. For those who wear glasses, fog now blurs their vision… due to a condensation effect. When blowing out hot and humid air by your nose our your mouth, it comes into contact with your glasses that are at a colder temperature. The water vapor condenses and lands on your glasses, creating fog. (it is the same reaction as for fog on your window or bathroom mirror).

It happens when your mask isn’t well adjusted or when its fibers don’t let the air you breathe out go through.

Our ANTIFOG formula is an ecological, water-based product. It protects your lenses from all types of fog, caused by cold temperatures, high humidity or sudden temperature changes. Without any harm on your lenses, whatever their type or coating, including polycarbonate and glass, each microfibre can be used for up to 600 times. It won’t leave any film or stain, nor will it scratch your glasses or frames.

Easy to use! You simply have to:

  • Thoroughly clean your glasses (ideally using an adequate cleaning solution such as Bi-Oh!).
  • Wipe your lenses with the antifog microfibre for at least 10 seconds on each side.
  • Time of treatment : 24 hours / Repeat as often as needed.
  • Place the microfibre back in its sealed bag.
  • Rinse your lenses with water every two weeks.
  • Dimensions of the microfibre: 15cm x 15cm.
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