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Bi-Oh! is a cleaning solution with a unique biotechnology formula that dissolves grease through hydrolis and emoves residue lodged in the hinges of glasses.

Bi-Oh!'s unbeatable cleaning power relies on the formula's unparalleled enzymatic activity. It is odourless, alcohol-free, solvent-free, VOC-free and biodegradable in less than 14 days. Bi-Oh! is safe for anti-glare lens treatments and is suitable for all types of glasses and optical lenses (camera lenses, telescopes, etc.)





    Biotechnology cleans by Hydrolysis

    What is Hydrolysis?

    Hydrolysis is the decomposition of substances like grease and dirt, which turn into water and soluble subproducts.

    When does Hydrolysis happen?

    Hydrolysis happens virtually instantly when the cleaner is sprayed on the lenses.

    How long does hydrolysis work?

    Hydrolysis will keep acting and cleaning as long as grease and dirt are still present on the frame and on the lens.



    Customization Options

    Images Available Inside the bottle

    A range of images is available for the inside of the bottle, giving your client the chance to choose the one that best suits their tastes and style. You can even create kits or seasonal layouts.

     cascade     rouge     bleu

    orange     violet     blanc

    Assorted Microfibre Cloths

    We also offer a range of microfibre cloths that match our range of images. you can then create beautiful kits for your clients

    For any questions, please contact our customer service (1.800.363.6704) or your sales representative. We will be glad to assist you.

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