BIOH-MCQUAD-LE Limited Edition (Personalized with white ink only)

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Translucent rigid housing that contain a ultra-thin 20ml (0.67 fl oz.) bottle of Bi-Oh! cleaning solution and a high-density 7'' x 7'' microfibre cloth with straight edge and round corners.

Build the care kit and choose the microfibre colour that best suits your brand.



Our Bi-Oh! cleaning solution is a unique biotechnological formula. Its enzyme technology dissolves oils and grease using hydrolysis. Recommend for all types of optical surfaces.

Lab tested. Safe for all AR coatings.

Naturally Clean with Advanced Green Technology

  1.     Hypoallergenic
  2.     pH Neutral
  3.     No VOCs
  4.     Alcohol-free
  5.     Scent-free
  6.     Eliminates grease build-up
  7.     Solvent-free
  8.     biodegradable
  9.     Does not dry skin
  10.     Safe for biodiversity and aquatic life
  11.     Helps you maintain a healthy environment at work and at home

Multiples of 25 units.
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