As you know, getting a pair of glasses is not a purchase like any other. This is an important choice for your customers, as it is their eyes, their face and their image. And your customers deserve an inspiring and sustainable experience. Ronor offers you the essentials (cases, cleaning solutions, microfibers, bags, etc.) to enhance this experience. In addition, our specialized ranges of frames offer a unique and essential complement to your customer offer.

Divine, Durable and Remarkable.

Our new Divine collection was especially designed for women needing larger frames. These frames have extendable arms and lugs offering a wider space between the arms without distorting the lenses. Carefully designed and crafted, the Divine collection uses quality materials that favour lighter, more easily adjustable frames. To add a unique touch, each Divine frame comes with an elegant bracelet.

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Designed and manufactured in Canada, our Bi-Oh! is a unique biotech formula that dissolves oils and fats by hydrolysis and removes residues from chambers. Bi-Oh! is an optical cleaner that is all the more powerful than it is odourless, alcohol-free, free of any solvent and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biodegradable in less than 14 days. The Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner preserves anti-reflective treatments and is suitable for eyeglasses and all types of optical lenses.

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Our eyewear is designed by Ronor and assembled with excellent material, carefully selected by our designers. Real good Canadian Quality.

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