Ronor innovates in all spheres of the company, whether it be products, packaging, communications, purchasing and working methods. While we are aware that there is still much to be done to leave a sustainable planet to our children, we believe the important thing is to take concrete action. Whether it’s Bi-Oh! a solvent-free and completely biodegradable enzymatic cleaning solution, with easily reusable and recyclable materials, or working methods minimizing our environmental impact, we encourage daily actions to preserve our future.


“Create the essential to generate an inspiring and sustainable client experience”




Team spirit



More than ever social distancing will mean a tighter relationship with our clients.

20/20 VISION!

Ronor’s success and sustainability begins first and foremost with a positive vision of the future. I see an innovative company that can reinvent itself so as to always maximize our client proposal. I see a dedicated Ronor team constantly leveraging the diversity of its talents. I see our clients as true business partners jointly focused on a healthy and sustainable growth. I see the self-realization of our human resources. I see Ronor maintaining its leadership position on the Canadian market. I see Ronor’s continued expansion on international markets. Finally, I see Ronor as a generous and responsible corporate citizen. Hopefully we can live this vision together.


THE RONOR TEAM is dedicated to offering you superior eyewear essentials at competitive prices, with outstanding service. In business for more than 35 years, Ronor is a canadian company committed to leading the industry through innovation. Ronor was the first to bring microfibre technology to the canadian market and more recently our unique Bi-Oh! formula has proven to be a new standard when it comes to cleaning solutions.

"I would like to share with you how happy we are with your products. We recently changed back to Ronor for our AR cleaner. I can not say how happy we are that we did. Our patients comment on how great our new cleaner is and does not smudge there lenses any longer. Ronor puts a great deal of quality into the frames also. We have not experienced a single warranty issue with there frame in the last year. This is something to be extremely proud of. Great Work Ronor."

Thank you

Lawrie Edwards, Optician/Manager, Dr. Barry C. Nolt

"Henry Ford OptimEyes has successfully utilized Ronor as supplier of dispense cases. Their performance in the last 18 months has been excellent. Selection, service, quality and pricing are extremely important to us and they have delivered on all points. We believe a strength is quality and design. We sell a wide range of product and are able to satisfy all of our fitting needs with Ronor cases. Defect rate is close to 0%. The owners have demonstrated a clear commitment to our business by supplying quality products at a fair price in a timely manner."

Shirleen Steele, Purchasing Director, OptimEyes

“We have been doing business with Ronor for more than 26 years, it stands out with its personalized products as well as excellent customer service. Our sales representative, is very dedicated, professional, and offers us impeccable service!”

Nancy Kidd, Owner, Les Yeuxtistes

''Bi-Oh! is a great product!

Patients and professionals love it!’'

Stephanie Boucher

Clinique Optoplus Drummondville


Let’s work together to create the essential to optimize your customers’ experience.

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