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Sold in multiples of 9 units.


Our Bi-Oh! cleaning solution is a unique biotechnological formula. Its enzyme technology dissolves oils and grease using hydrolysis. Recommend for all types of optical surfaces.

Generic Bi-Oh! logo on the front of the bottle.

Lab tested. Safe for all AR coatings.

Naturally Clean with Advanced Green Technology

  1.     Hypoallergenic
  2.     pH Neutral
  3.     No VOCs
  4.     Alcohol-free
  5.     Scent-free
  6.     Eliminates grease build-up
  7.     Solvent-free
  8.     biodegradable
  9.     Does not dry skin
  10.     Safe for biodiversity and aquatic life
  11.     Helps you maintain a healthy environment at work and at home


Each bottle is printed with our generic Bi-Oh! logo. Sold pre-assorted.
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